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3 songs released this week you need to hear

The music industry produces, markets, and forgets songs so quickly that it's easy to completely miss a catchy, potentially great song. Summer is kicking into high gear now and albums are dropping right and left.

Here are a few songs that were released this week that will help you enjoy the weekend and keep up with new music on the market.

Becky G:  "Shower"

First things first. The hallowed pop-music producer Dr. Luke released a song that just might be the kick-off for his new pet project. Becky G's "Shower" is so catchy and full of melodic summer beats, that I accidentally listened to it all day Friday. With lines like, "You light me up inside/like the fourth of july" and "you're the reason why/I'm dancing in the mirror/ singing in the shower," Becky G is in prime position to become a new Dr. Luke prodigy just like Katy Perry.

Lana Del Rey: "Ultraviolence"

Lana Del Rey has already made headlines this week after telling The Guardian that she wishes she were dead already like her hero Kurt Cobain. Lana Del Ray, however, is known for being a queen of melodrama. Her new CD Ultraviolence was released Friday, June 13, and is full of Del Rey's brooding, blues-inspired style. The title track "Ultraviolence" is the kind of song you could put on to sit on your couch and drink a glass of wine alone while you nod along as Del Rey sings, "Loving him was never enough."

Jack White: "Temporary Ground"

Jack White may be pretentious enough to think of himself the "last true rockstar," but he has the talent to back it up. When his first band The White Stripes officially split in 2011, White was in three bands. But Lazaretto is his second solo album and it's already one of the most technically complicated and beautifully composed albums of the year. White played "Temporary Ground" this week on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.  Lazaretto is Jack White's blues-inspired rock at its finest.