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Uber, Twitter, Apple, and LA: Re/code on TV This Week

Q: "Does $2.6 billion make sense?" A: "Well, does anything make sense?"

This week, Re/code writers went on CNBC to talk Uber, innovation, Apple’s new retail head and Twitter’s major management shakeup. Also LA.

Liz Gannes on the $18.2 billion Uber valuation:

Arik Hesseldahl on how we’re all still innovating:

Kara Swisher on Twitter management shakeup (COO out):

Swisher on Twitter again:

Swisher on Priceline buying OpenTable for $2.6 billion:

Swisher on Apple’s Angela Ahrendt, Apple’s new retail head:

Swisher on the booming LA tech startup scene:

Even I chimed in on the LA topic:

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