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Re/wind: Silicon Beach, Google's New Satellites and More

Read this if you were binge-watching "Orange Is the New Black" all week.

Nellie Bowles

If you missed some of the big headlines this week, don’t sweat it — Re/code has you covered:

  1. Heard of Silicon Beach? Nellie Bowles explored LA’s booming tech scene — from USC’s entrepreneurial frat to a star-crossed private club — as part of a special series.
  2. Google continued its quest to know everything about everyone everywhere, purchasing the satellite maker Skybox for $500 million. Liz Gannes and James Temple have the details on the deal.
  3. Facebook hired PayPal president David Marcus to run its Messenger business. Could this mean it’s time to monetize Facebook Messenger?
  4. Surprise! Facebook will be providing advertisers with more access to your data, including your browsing habits on other sites.
  5. Looking for a way to consolidate the dozens of open tabs in your browser? Lauren Goode reviewed several read-it-later apps.
  6. Quote of the week: “I am not a dingo.” That was FCC chairman Tom Wheeler responding to comedian John Oliver’s segment on net neutrality, which went viral.
  7. In an effort to advance electric-car technology more quickly, Tesla announced that it would be opening all its patents for others to use.
  8. Twitter is in the news again — for all the wrong reasons: The week began with reports that Twitter planned on reworking its leadership structure, and it ended with the news that COO Ali Rowghani would be leaving the company, along with media unit head Chloe Sladden.
  9. Artificial intelligence has some surprising and successful applications for cancer patients, attracting attention and raising hopes.

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