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E3 in Pictures: From Giant Aliens to Tiny Robots

The scene at E3, where eye candy is only part of the story.

Eric Johnson

Congratulations, game companies: You suckered me into taking pictures of your massive marketing apparatuses at E3 and posting them here on Re/code. The generally big and loud booth installations are fun to look at and to talk about and are a hallmark of E3.

Although the general public is not allowed past the security guards, the gaming trade show still attracts a fair share of fans — some from within the industry, and others affiliated with the “enthusiast press.” Dozens of costumed attendees roamed the Los Angeles Convention Center this week, a pittance compared to fan-focused events like the PAX conferences, but a reminder of the fans nonetheless.

Here, then, is a look at some of the better sights of E3.

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