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One in Five Mobile Apps Is Only Opened Once, Though That's Actually an Improvement

Four years ago it was a quarter of apps suffering that fate.

Ina Fried

A new study finds that one in five mobile apps are only used once — yet that still may be good news for app makers.

That statistic is actually slightly better than four years ago, when a quarter of apps were only run a single time, according to Localytics, which compiled the data.

Weather and social-networking apps were among those most likely to be opened more than once, while sports apps and games topped the list of one-and-done apps.

On the other end of the spectrum, nearly half of Android apps are opened 11 or more times, compared to roughly a third of iOS apps, Localytics said.

“A potential reason for this discrepancy is that iOS users may be suffering from app overload,” Localytics said. “With the relatively larger number of apps installed on iOS devices, competition for an iOS user’s time increases and can weaken retention.”

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