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Hey, Tech Workers: LA or SF? (Chart)

Which city do you belong in?

The tech-recruiting startup Hired, which opened a Santa Monica office a couple of weeks ago, made the handy chart below to help aspiring tech workers decide between LA and SF.

First, the obvious points: Temperature in LA averages 72 degrees; in SF, it’s 64 degrees.

As for transportation, in LA, 79 percent of tech workers drive and one percent bike; in SF, 47 percent drive and three percent bike.

There’s less venture capital down south, of course: LA got $1.5 billion in VC funding last year, while SF got $4.6 billion.

A large coffee at Urth Cafe in LA will cost you $2.50. A large coffee at Philz in San Francisco is $4. Rent for a one-bedroom LA versus SF? $1,475 to $2,775.

Which you’ll be able to afford, because while the average salary for an LA software engineer is $98,000, in SF, it’s $124,000.

But perhaps the most important metric: LA has the second-highest percentage of singles in the country. SF’s singles ranking? Way down the list, at 18th place.

Done. Sold.

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