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T-Mobile Reminds Customers About Refunds for Unauthorized SMS Charges

T-Mobile has already done away with the problem-filled category of "premium SMS" services.

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T-Mobile said Tuesday that it is reaching out to customers that were billed for text-based horoscope, weather and other paid text message services to let them know they are eligible for refunds if they didn’t authorize such charges.

The carrier, which stopped offering so-called premium SMS services last year, said customers will be notified sometime between July and September and offered a chance to review their past charges and seek refunds if any were unauthorized.

“If you’ve been charged for a third-party service you didn’t sign up for, it should be easy to get a refund,” Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sievert said in a statement. “If customers were charged for services they didn’t want, we’ll make it right.

While some paid SMS services were aboveboard and provided options some people wanted, the category was often abused, leading T-Mobile and the other major carriers to stop offering the category entirely, except for charitable donations and political campaigns.

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