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Samsung Won't Be Launching Any New Products at May 28 Health Care Tech Event

The event is being put on by a unit that doesn't even make products.


A lot of people assumed when they saw a teaser invite from Samsung for a May 28 event that the company was looking to launch some new health-care product just ahead of Apple’s developer conference the following week.

Um, no.

“It is not a product announcement,” Samsung VP Stefan Heuser told Re/code on Thursday.

The key is understanding which part of Samsung’s labyrinthian organization is actually holding the event. Heuser is VP of operations for the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center — a year-old Menlo Park, Calif.-based operation that partners with and invests in companies working on core, underlying technologies.

Samsung’s electronics unit is roughly split between the part of the company that makes devices (TVs, phones, tablets, PCs) and the part that makes components (chips, storage, displays, etc.). The SSIC — the group hosting the May 28 event — is part of the latter group.

Although the Menlo Park-based operation has been pretty quiet since its launch last year, health care has been one of several areas that the company has been focusing on. Other areas include the Internet of Things, human-computer interfaces and cloud/data storage.

Beyond saying it won’t be launching a product, Samsung is being tight-lipped about the May 28 event. However, the company has made one other health-care related announcement — a partnership with the University of California, San Francisco on a digital health lab that will be built at the school’s Mission Bay campus.

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