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The power that comes with being born really really wealthy is dangerous for America

Income Inequality is almost on a constant loop in the news it seems, but its more dangerous cousin — wealth inequality — often goes unmentioned. In the video above, Ezra Klein explains why wealth inequality should worry you much more than income inequality.

Curious for more? An article that fully explains the doom loop of oligarchy is here. And here is the study where the latest inequality data comes from. We also have a card stack on income inequality, a guide to Thomas Piketty's huge new book on wealth inequality, and a deeper look at the ways the wealthy use Super PACs and dark moneyto influence the political process.

Each Vox Explains video is a team effort, and this time the team was:

Narration: Ezra Klein
Direction: Joe Posner
Written by: Ezra Klein & Joe Posner
Design & Animation: Bran Dougherty-Johnson
Score & Sound Design: Shay Lynch

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