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"Valley Girl" Creator Jesse Draper Strikes Deal for New Talk Show With Cox (Video)

Hula Hoop as interview technique!

Vjeran Pavic

Jesse Draper, the ebullient host and creator of the Web interview program “The Valley Girl Show,” has struck a deal with Cox Media Group for a new tech-focused television talk show that will air later this year.

The move comes six years after the online debut of “Valley Girl,” in which Draper got all kinds of tech bigwigs to do wacky things in 200 interviews — including the creative use of Hula Hoops — with such players as investor Mark Cuban, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Google’s Eric Schmidt and serial entrepreneur Elon Musk.

The new 30-minute show will be available to about five million households in Northern California and Seattle by June, but there are plans to expand to new markets and more households after that, said Draper. Draper — who has does angel investing and also has a book she is working on for 2015 — would not say how much Cox is giving her as part of the production deal.

But here she is in an interview I did at the Re/code Global HQ last week about her plans:

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