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What the Apple-Samsung Jury Will Have to Clarify on Monday

The panel will have to do a little more work to clarify damages.


Although the jury hearing the latest Apple-Samsung patent case made its decision on Friday, the panel isn’t quite done with its work.

That’s because for one product and one patent, the jury found infringement by Samsung but awarded no damages. Though that’s possible in some circumstances, the plaintiff is generally entitled to an amount “no less than a reasonable royalty.”

Judge Koh sent the eight-member jury back a note indicating what needs to be fixed, including the amount in question as well as the related total damages award and a separate box that asks them to clarify the damages by time period.

The decision is unlikely to be a major shift from the initial verdict, with the jury already having decided Samsung owes $119 million in damages for infringement on three of five Apple patents and also ruling that Apple infringed on a Samsung patent and ordering it to pay $158,000 in damages.

It’s a verdict that again upholds Apple’s claim of significant patent holdings, but isn’t the kind of victory Apple really needs to slow Samsung down.

Here is the relevant part of Judge Koh’s note to the jury.

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