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Here's how long you spent binge-watching your favorite TV show

Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington in ABC's 'Scandal'
Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington in ABC's 'Scandal'
Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Nielsen — the company that rates people's television viewing habits — released data chronicling exactly how much time it takes to watch your favorite television shows from start to finish. For instance, it takes 3 days and 18 hours to watch every episode of Lost — and 3 days and 17 and a half hours to realize the writers don't know the island any better than you do.

Of the 25 shows they calculated (seriously, the show 24 ranks 25 on this survey — someone was having fun with that!) only three of them take less than a day to watch from start to finish: Sherlock, Freaks and Geeks, and House of Cards.

Here's the complete list from Nielsen. If you're wondering, it will take you about 54 days to watch all of these series.