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A map of the world divided into trillion-dollar chunks

This is the map of the world that you're probably used to:


It's a map cut up by national borders. But Redditor Dman9797 remade it with a new organizing scheme: money. He divided the world into chunks with a GDP of $1 trillion. It looks rather different:  Nrefv2r

The numbers here aren't adjusted for purchasing power in different countries. But they're striking all the same. The United States has more than a dozen territories. Japan has five (including the insanely rich speck that is Tokyo). The vast expanse of Africa, by contrast, has only two.

Another way of visualizing global inequality is to remake the map itself rather than just redrawing the borders. The folks at Worldmapper did exactly that with a map based on per capita GDP.


In this map, Africa and its billion people wither into a delicate appendage, while the US inflates like a balloon ready to pop.

It's not news, of course, that global inequality is stark. But the abstract statistics make it easy to forget just how stark it is.

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