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Founder of and Harvey Mudd President: Don't Call It STEM (Video)

Computer literacy is for everyone.

Asa Mathat

Maria Klawe is the president of Harvey Mudd College. Hadi Partovi is the founder of, a prominent online educational movement. Despite their different approaches to education, their goals are aligned: They want more people to learn how to code.

In fact, during their joint interview with Walt Mossberg during the Code Conference, Partovi said people should “know what SSL is, just like they know what H20 is or HIV is.”

But don’t try to tell them more STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education is the answer — at least not with this crowd. “It drives me crazy when Obama says we need more STEM graduates,” Klawe said. Here are the highlights from their Code Conference session with Walt Mossberg:

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