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Intel's Brian Krzanich Zeroes In on Wearable Tech

Computing that you wear on your "eyes, ears, wrist and torso."

Asa Mathat

Conceding that his company missed the shifts in personal computing away from traditional PCs and toward smartphones and tablets, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich says the world’s biggest chipmaker won’t miss the latest shift toward wearable computing.

Wearing what he called a “smart shirt” that takes constant measurements of heart rates and other health data from the human body, Krzanich sketched out a future where Intel will supply technology for all kinds of wearable devices, worn on a wrist or embedded into clothing. As it develops wearable computing, Krzanich said Intel is focusing on the “eyes, ears, wrists and torso.”

“What you’re going to see is an explosion of sensors,” Krzanich told Walt Mossberg during a session at the Code Conference. However, he said that currently the company doesn’t yet manufacture the sensors themselves.

Nor will it make the clothing. “Intel is not the right person to be making clothing or even wristbands,” he said. “We want to provide the fashion industry with the technical solutions.”

Krzanich’s session opened with the debut of a robot named Jimmy made with 3-D-printed parts that Intel will start selling as a kit later this year.

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