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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: I'm the Boss. Bill Gates Just Helps Out. (Video)

Gates is focused on a variety of things, including helping rethink the future of Office.

Asa Mathat

While Microsoft founder Bill Gates is spending more time at Microsoft, CEO Satya Nadalla says there is no question who is in charge.

“I run the place,” Nadella said, speaking at the inaugural Code Conferece. “Bill’s helping.”

Nadella says that Bill Gates is aiding Microsoft in a number of areas including rethinking how Office can remain relevant.

“He’s got some specific interest in Office and how to reinvent it,” Nadella said. “He’s got an agenda which I subscribe to.”

Nadella added that a founder can help galvanize people in a way that just a CEO can’t. Plus, you know, he’s Bill Gates.

“I think Bill’s presence, Bill’s push, Bill’s high standards are helpful,” Nadella said, retelling the story of one of his early reviews with Gates in which Gates asked Nadella whether they needed someone with more IQ points, pushing Nadella to work harder.

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