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Re/code on TV: Throwback Thursday, Surface Pro 3 and the Right to Be Forgotten

Featuring a micro-appearance with John Oliver, who is clearly now our BFF, and our own pushy media dame.

The Re/code crew weighed in on a range of topics this week, from tracing the history of the ritual bad hair day that is Throwback Thursday to commenting on Jill Abramson’s ouster from the New York Times. We even helped comedian John Oliver find the funny in the European Union’s “right to be forgotten” court ruling.

Liz Gannes provides a blast from the past, as she explores the origins of “Throwback Thursday” — and its improbable start in 2006 with a guy who has a sneaker obsession. Seems like everybody’s embraced this tradition of sharing images from the past, from First Lady Michelle Obama to Kim Karashian.

Our self-proclaimed pushy media dame, Kara Swisher, shares her appreciation for ousted New York Times editor Jill Abramson and talks about the challenges that confront any woman in leadership, who has to contend with accusations of being “strident” and “shrill” whenever she’s assertive.

Walt Mossberg shares his views on Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 3 tablet, which he said improves on its two processors — which were neither a great tablet nor a great laptop.

Deputy Reviews Editor Katie Boehret visited Tech News Today to talk about the new photo-editing software from Google, called Google Plus Stories, which automatically creates photo albums that can be shared.

To show we can take a joke too, Liz Gannes’s somewhat shocked-looking face appeared as part of a news segment that was lampooned on HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.” The host was finding humor (and demonstrating a darned good Morrissey impression) in the European Union court ruling that recognizes the “right to be forgotten,” which requires Google and other search engines to remove links upon request.

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