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Anonymous App Secret Goes Global on iOS and Android

Now anyone in the world can dish anonymously to friends and strangers.


Mobile gossip is going global.

Secret, the anonymous social network, announced on Wednesday that it will be available for download in every country in the world. The company also launched an Android app on Wednesday morning, making the service available on both major smartphone platforms for the first time.

The app is simple: You’re presented with a blank text box in which you can share photos and text anonymously. That usually lends itself to lascivious, gossipy or downright catty threads that quickly circulate in certain Twitter and Facebook circles. (Good for growth, I imagine, but bad for image.)

Secret’s founders don’t like to position the app that way, instead offering that it’s a way for many people to come together and share positive things, or support one another despite not knowing who anyone actually is.

While the young company — which launched at the beginning of 2014 — is popular among the Silicon Valley and New York tech crowds, Secret aims to appeal more widely to non-techie communities.

What I’m curious about is how the small company will handle an influx of users, and all the headache that comes with it. Anonymous sharing, after all, has brought with it secrets of all kinds — including threats of suicide, personal attacks and nudity.

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