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Fighting in Ukraine is getting so bad that this French film crew almost got shelled by artillery

Pro-Russia separatist rebels in Donetsk
Pro-Russia separatist rebels in Donetsk

In case you were wondering how bad the conflict in eastern Ukraine has gotten, this video should clear it up for you. It shows a film crew with the French news network France 2 at what they call the "front line" between Ukrainian forces and the pro-Russia separatist militias who've seized government centers in the town of Slavyansk. It looks quiet enough until, as the cameras roll, artillery shells start dropping all around them and the crew runs for cover. It's clear from the way the camera shakes that the shells are close:

The fighting in eastern Ukraine between rebels and government forces is still going strong, with the militias recently seizing a police station and burning down a local political office. It's far from all-out war, but it's bad enough that some people are still dying in the fighting. And as this video shows, the scale of the fighting is sometimes significant.

The longer than the fighting goes on, with the rebels all but certainly backed to some extent by Moscow, the stronger that Russia's ability to pressure Ukraine becomes. The Kremlin announced on Monday that President Vladimir Putin had ordered the tens of thousands of Russian troops he has massed at the Ukrainian border to back down, but just as with the last time Putin reportedly ordered this, the troops still appear to be there.

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