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Here's Exactly How the Jury Awarded Apple $119 Million in Latest Samsung Patent Case

The court has released the jury's verdict form, although the panel will have to return on Monday to address one discrepancy.

Apple v Samsung $119 million

In deciding to award Apple $119 million in the latest Apple-Samsung patent case, the jury had to make their way through a 12-page matrix of products, patents and dates.

So, it’s not surprising that attorneys found one minor inconsistency–the one that will force the jury back to work on Monday. For a single product–The Galaxy SII–the jury awarded no damages even though it found infringement. While possible under certain circumstances, Judge Lucy Koh ruled that the jury should be reminded that Apple is entitled to a reasonable royalty for any products found to infringe.

The ruling means that the final amount due Apple is likely to be slightly higher than the initial verdict.

Meanwhile, the jury also found Apple infringed on one Samsung patent, and awarded the Korean electronic giant about $158,000 in damages.

Here’s the full jury form:

Completed Verdict Form in Apple v Samsung (2014) by inafried

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