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Google a Winner in Apple-Samsung Verdict

The jury found that Samsung didn't infringe on two patents for which Google had agreed to indemnify the Korean electronics giant.

One clear winner in the just-announced Apple-Samsung verdict was Google.

It emerged during trial that Google had agreed to back Samsung’s defense and indemnify it on at least two of the patents at issue in the case — the ones related to background synchronization and universal search. However, the jury found that Samsung’s products didn’t infringe on those two patents.

It did find that the accused Samsung products infringed on the “quick links” patent and ruled some, but not all, of the Samsung products infringed on Apple’s “slide-to-unlock” patent. A third patent, covering automatic word correction, was determined by the court to have been infringed, but the jury was tasked with deciding damages and the validity of that patent. In all, the jury awarded Apple $119 million in damages.

While Google may not have been directly on the hook in the case, the jury’s findings on the other patents represent yet another ruling that Android phones infringe on Apple patents, so it is probably too strong to call it a clean sweep for the search giant.

A Google representative declined to comment.

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