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Jury Has Verdict in Apple v. Samsung

The verdict is due to be read any minute.

Screenshot by Re/code

Clearly the jury wanted to get home by the weekend.

At 4:30 pm, just as the jury typically ends deliberations for the day, the court notified reporters that a verdict has been reached in the current patent trial.

It may take as much as a half hour for the various attorneys to assemble and the verdict to be read. Re/code is live in the courtroom, though, and ready for the weekend, too.

The four-man, four-woman jury has been deliberating since Tuesday afternoon, following a nearly monthlong trial.

If you need to get up to speed fast, both Apple and Samsung are suing one another for patent infringement. Apple is seeking $2.2 billion for infringement of five patents. Samsung denies infringing, says the patents are invalid and argues that any damages should not be more than $38 million even if it did infringe. It is seeking less than $7 million on its counterclaim.

For more, here is our cheat sheet on the case.

Update: The jury found that Samsung infringed on some, but not all, of the patents at issue in the case and awarded $119 million in damages. Click here for the story.

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