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Viral Video: How to Zip a Zipper With Gumballs, Silly String and a Shark

"The Great Shark Wars of 1852!"

"Jimmy Kimmel Live"

ABC late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel knows a thing or two about making funny viral videos.

But he didn’t need to do much for this one — a demo of the Rube Goldberg machine that won a recent intercollegiate competition.

The intentionally inefficient machine, “A Simple Way to Get Ready For Work,” was made by an adorkable team from Purdue University. “Jimmy Kimmel Live” regular and former parking lot security guard Guillermo Rodriguez makes himself a willing guinea pig as the over-engineered contraption progresses from sending a gumball down a ramp to (eventually) zipping up his jacket.

Here’s the video of the Kimmel demo, and below it a video of the contest’s second-place finisher, from Washington University in St. Louis. The Purdue team’s machine gets rolling at around three minutes in.

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