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Here's What Amazon Would Have Looked Like in 1994

If Amazon was around back then. And sold MP3s.

Jeff Bezos is not known as a sentimental guy, and he doesn’t seem to have much interest in history unless it involves old spaceships.

Still, someone at his U.K. branch thought it would be fun/funny to show what the site’s music section would have looked like in 1994 if Amazon and MP3s existed back then. It’s a stunt to promote some stuff promoting the 20th anniversary of Oasis’s “Definitely Maybe,” the album a bunch of people in the U.K. think is amazing.*

amazon 1994

To each his own! The nice thing about 1994 is that there was an astonishing amount of great music put out then.** So you can spend a bunch of time memory laning yourself with albums like “Ill Communication” and “Mellow Gold,” etc., if you’re so inclined.***

And, if you really don’t like music at all, but do like, say, ad tech, take heart! The 20th anniversary of the first banner ad is coming this fall.

* Shrug.
** Another reminder that the “music industry collapsed because it stopped making great records” theory is complete bunk — the music industry collapsed because the model shifted from $15 bundles to songs that cost $1 or nothing at all.
*** The Amazon U.K. look back is heavy on acts that people in the U.K. liked. Here’s a broader retrospective.

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