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Re/wind: Apple Buys Beats, Alibaba Goes Public and More

This week, Dr. Dre got a little richer, AOL missed earnings and we learned all about cancer-killing nanorobots.

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In case you missed the big headlines this week, here’s a roundup of the news that dominated Re/code.

  1. Alibaba Group, the Chinese e-commerce giant that is part eBay, part Amazon, filed one of the largest public offerings in tech history. In the IPO, Alibaba revealed that it owns 40 percent of ShopRunner, a company that aims to take on Amazon.
  2. By now, you may be aware that Dr. Dre is a little richer after Apple paid more than $3 billion to purchase Beats. And this isn’t the first time Beats sold itself to a phone maker. What was Tim Cook thinking?
  3. Three cheers for endless litigation! While the verdict is in on the Apple-Samsung trial, questions about the copyright infringement at the center of the case still abound. Earlier this week, the jury’s foreman expanded a bit on the deliberation process and Google’s role in the final outcome. Speaking of Google, they now find themselves on the receiving end of a class-action lawsuit targeting the company’s contracts with the makers of Android phones.
  4. It was a busy week for AOL, which acquired an ad attribution firm on Tuesday and missed Wall Street estimates for its quarterly earnings on Wednesday.
  5. Exciting news for some high-skilled immigrants with H1-B visas! Under proposed new rules, their spouses would also be allowed to work in the United States, potentially bringing in extra household income for families that tend to reside in places with high costs of living, like the San Francisco Bay Area or New York.
  6. Electronic Arts, maker of classics like 1994’s monster hit Shaq Fu, had a big week with $100 million more in net revenue than Wall Street expected. Big sales numbers for its recent release, Titanfall, have helped push up EA’s languishing stock.
  7. In a guest column for Re/code this week, the Anita Borg Institute’s Telle Whitney explored ways that tech workers could address the industry’s gender discrimination problem.
  8. PayPal and Rakesh Agrawal, its director of strategy for the last two months, parted ways in recent days — but not amicably. Agrawal sent out a series of late-night tweets that, among other things, insulted several of the company’s executives.
  9. Automattic, the company behind and other Web publishing tools, raised $160 million from investors, pegging the value of the nine-year-old company at $1.16 billion.
  10. In encouraging medical tech news, James Temple wrote about a scientist who is building cancer-killing nanorobots. Temple also reported on a smartphone app that can evaluate suspicious moles and lesions to determine whether they’re likely to be cancerous.

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