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Here's Exactly How Apple and Samsung Want Jurors to Decide Their Patent Case

Samsung spells it out in 30 pages, Apple in 11.

Ina Fried

We all know how Apple and Samsung want the jury to decide the current patent trial.

On Wednesday, the two sides each came up with the exact form, though, that they want that verdict to take. Lawyers for Apple and Samsung both submitted their proposed jury verdict forms to Judge Lucy Koh, who will ultimately decide the form, though not the outcome in the case.

Samsung’s is a nearly 30-page behemoth of a document, while Apple’s is an only slightly less daunting 11-page form.

Of course, we are still a ways away from the jury getting the case. Apple is down to its last few witnesses and is expected to wrap up its case-in-chief on Friday. Samsung still has to present its entire defense. Plus there are rebuttal arguments, Samsung’s countersuit against Apple and closing arguments yet to be made.

Apple is seeking more than $2 billion in damages for alleged infringement of five patents. Samsung denies infringing, says the patents in question are invalid and has also countersued Apple for infringing two Samsung patents.

But, for those who want a peek into the future, here are the verdict forms submitted on Wednesday.

Samsung’s proposed form:

Samsung's Proposed Verdict Form by inafried

Apple’s proposed form:

Apple's proposed verdict form by inafried

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