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GoldieBlox Little-Girl Engineer Toys Are Back With Easter Cuteness (Video)

"This is your brain on princess."


Toys are not so innocent — especially not dolls — according to the latest viral video from GoldieBlox.

“This is your brain on princess,” a little girl says, as a glammed-up, fake-eyelashed egg rolls along a toy conveyor belt to its inevitable fall. “This is your brain on engineering,” she says, and suddenly a Rube Goldbergian contraption of baskets and strings moves the egg along to a happier ending.

Founded by former software engineer Debbie Sterling, and funded in part by a very successful Kickstarter, GoldieBlox makes construction toys for girls and comes with a clear, career-oriented message: More women need to go into engineering, and the training should start young — like toddler young.

This time, GoldieBlox is less likely to get in trouble with the Beastie Boys. Remember this video from last fall?

And here’s the original “This Is Your Brain on Drugs”:

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