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Re/code on TV: Laptops, Amazon Fire TV, HBO's "Silicon Valley" and More

This week in talking instead of typing.

This week, Walt Mossberg appeared on CNBC to talk about his spring laptop buyer’s guide. (NBCU is a partner of and investor in Re/code.)

Peter Kafka gave a full-color version of his analysis of the new Amazon Fire TV.

Kafka also went on TWiT Live for a chat about the same topic, while it was being announced.

Kara Swisher talked up the new HBO show “Silicon Valley,” in which she has a cameo.

She also talked about Mike Isaac’s story on Facebook’s recent interest in anonymity features, and discussions with Secret.

And lastly, I joined Jason Calacanis’ This Week in Startups to talk about Lyft, Imgur, Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich’s resignation, and more.

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