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Jury Has Questions in Apple-Samsung, but Won't Get the Answers They Want

The jurors can only consider evidence presented at trial, not request new details.

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The jury weighing the Apple-Samsung patent case heard more than 50 hours of testimony, but still has some questions they wish had been answered.

In a series of notes to the court, the deliberating jurors asked for more details on how Apple and Samsung chose the patents they sued over in this case, as well as what Steve Jobs said when Apple first decided to pursue its patent case against Samsung and whether Google was mentioned. They also asked what Samsung’s reaction was when it learned Apple believed it was infringing.

Unfortunately for the jury, they won’t get the answers and are instead being told they can only consider the evidence that was presented at trial, and cannot request new information.

“In reaching your verdict, you may consider only the testimony and exhibits that were received into evidence,” Koh wrote in identical responses to each of the jury’s requests. “Now that the trial is completed, the evidence cannot be supplemented.”

The only easily-solvable request was the fifth note, which asked for eight copies of the jury verdict form “for reference.”

Here’s a look at actual notes the jury sent:

Jury Notes From Apple v Samsung: by inafried

Update, 4:35 p.m.: The jury has ended its day of deliberations without reaching a verdict and is scheduled to resume its work at 9 a.m. Thursday.

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