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Nice Guy Biz Stone Interviewed by Not-So-Nice Gal Me (Video)

In which the Twitter co-founder and the grumpy journalist match wits.

A few weeks ago, I interviewed Twitter co-founder Biz Stone at San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club about his book, “Things a Little Bird Told Me: Confessions of the Creative Mind.”

“My perspective tends to be hallucinogenically optimistic,” said Stone, among other happy things in what Nellie Bowles called a “nice-guys-finish-first treatise.”

She noted: “He sums it up in three points: Creativity is a renewable resource. Opportunity can be manufactured. And there’s compound impact in altruism.”

In contrast, I — with a perhaps polar opposite personality to Stone’s — asked him about what I considered the “hipster ‘Game of Thrones'” antics in the founding of the social communications company and actually got Stone to do a very wicked impression of his other founders, Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams.

Mission accomplished!

Actually, it is a very fun interview, which you can watch in its entirety below. “I always felt I was the Oscar-winning supporting actor” at Twitter, said Stone to me. Well, it was a pretty good performance from Stone, whose new question-and-answer app, Jelly, launched in January.


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