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T-Mobile Aims to Get the Best of BlackBerry, Again

The No. 4 U.S. carrier has a new promo designed to keep its BlackBerry customers on its network.


BlackBerry pulled the plug on T-Mobile earlier this week, but once again the carrier may get the best of the Canadian handset maker.

T-Mobile said on Thursday that it will offer a $100 credit to its BlackBerry customers who buy a new device, whether a BlackBerry or some other smartphone.

“We hear you and stand with you,” CEO John Legere said in a blog post. “We always have and always will. So, obviously, we were disappointed in BlackBerry’s decision this week to end their agreement with us.”

The move could help T-Mobile keep some BlackBerry users as customers and burn through some of its remaining BlackBerry 10 device inventory.

For its part, a T-mobile representative told Re/code that “we expect our current inventory to last for some time.”

“After that, we’re also exploring other ways to meet the needs of customers who want these devices,” the rep added.

T-Mobile and BlackBerry both sought to reassure current users that their devices will continue to work and be fully supported.

This week’s formal separation follows a rocky couple of months for the companies that once enjoyed a happy relationship.

BlackBerry complained earlier this year when T-Mobile offered a promotion that aimed to lure BlackBerry users to get a new iPhone. T-Mobile called the bluff and said it would up the offer and give BlackBerry users a bigger trade-in credit if they opted for a new BlackBerry. Some 94 percent of those that took the offer went with something other than a BlackBerry.

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