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Samsung Pulls Ads From Clipper Games Amid Racist Comments Attributed to Owner

Just the latest fallout.


Korean electronics giant Samsung said on Monday it was suspending ads scheduled to run either on-air or in-stadium during the Los Angeles Clippers games.

It’s the latest fallout after a tape said to be that of Clippers owner Donald Sterling making a variety of racist comments to his then-girlfriend. On the tape, first reported by TMZ, a person said to be Sterling tells the woman not to bring Magic Johnson or other African-Americans to Clipper games.

“As a sponsor of the NBA, we have a deep respect for the game of basketball and the players, coaches, referees associated with the game,” Samsung said in a statement to Re/code. “The comments made are offensive, unacceptable and conflict with our core values as a company, and as a result we have decided to suspend current advertising slated to run onsite at the L.A. Clippers games and also during the televised airing of the Clippers games.”

The NBA has said it is investigating the incident.

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