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HTC Designer Scott Croyle Exits to Work on Wider Range of Projects

Croyle, former head of design firm One & Co., will work on projects for both HTC and other clients in his new role.


HTC confirmed on Friday that chief designer Scott Croyle is leaving the company’s full-time employ to work on a range of efforts both for the company and for others.

“HTC remains at the forefront of smartphone innovation,” a company spokesman said in a statement. “Scott Croyle will be focusing on special projects and dedicated on next generation developments.”

Croyle was the head of design firm One & Co until its acquisition by HTC and served as senior VP of design for HTC since April 2011.

Some of HTC’s design work will go to Drew Bamford, who was recently promoted to run all software and services and to report directly to CEO Peter Chou.

HTC declined to comment further, and it is unclear how other of Croyle’s design duties will be handled.

Croyle’s departure comes as HTC continues to look to regain its footing after steep market share losses to rivals, especially Samsung.

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