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Microsoft Signs Patent Deal With the Other Motorola

The deal allows Microsoft to make Android and Chrome OS-based devices using Microsoft's patents.

Stockyimages / Shutterstock

Microsoft said Monday that it has signed a patent deal with Motorola — just not the part of Motorola with which it has a major patent dispute.

Redmond’s deal is with Motorola Solutions, the company that doesn’t make consumer cellphones. Microsoft has had a longstanding battle with Motorola Mobility, the Google-owned cellphone business in the process of being sold to Lenovo.

The deal announced Monday allows Motorola Solutions to incorporate Microsoft’s technology in Android and Chrome OS-based products. Motorola Solutions is in the process of selling a large part of its business to Zebra.

Microsoft has signed licensing deals with most of the world’s major Android makers, with Motorola Mobility remaining a notable exception. Among those with deals in place with Microsoft are Samsung, HTC, LG, Acer and ZTE.

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