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Re/wind: Yahoo Wants Apple to Dump Google, Amazon Wants Quicker Payments

The week in review, Re/code style.

In case you missed anything, here’s a quick roundup of some of the news that powered Re/code this week.

  1. If you were counting on tech industry business leaders to take a hard stand against the proposed Comcast-Time Warner merger, think again. In other non-disruptions in the TV world, Aereo investor Barry Diller says he doesn’t believe the Web TV startup will affect the industry all that much. Meanwhile AT&T is threatening to boycott the upcoming auction of TV airwaves, because of new FCC rules.
  2. For those of you who weren’t permanently scarred by “Blade Runner”or “Alien,” you’ll be excited to hear about Orbotix’s plans to introduce robots into classrooms across the country. And research giant SRI International has created ant-like robots with “limitless applications.”
  3. Yahoo insiders leaked Marissa Mayer’s secret plan to get Apple to dump Google in favor of Yahoo to be the primary search engine for Apple’s Safari internet browser. This leak came after the company’s “meh” earnings from Q1, and on the same day Yahoo released contract details of their $96 million (fired) man, former executive Henrique De Castro. Yahoo investors aren’t complaining, though.
  4. On the security and legal issues front, Solve Media CEO and co-founder Ari Jacoby wrote a guest post on the skimpiness of digital security in the tech world. LaCie, a French subsidiary of the hard drive company Seagate, revealed that they were the victims of a year-long security breach that enabled hackers to steal customer credit card information. In the ongoing trial between Apple and Samsung, the Samsung designer Youngmi Kim denied any Apple influence on Samsung’s “slide to unlock” feature.
  5. Jeff Bezos has identified payments as one of the top areas of focus and investment for Amazon. But that won’t include bitcoin anytime soon.
  6. When you’re Google, $12.2 billion in revenue can be described as disappointing The search engine said its Q1 earnings were weaker than expected because of its $3.2 billion Nest acquisition.
  7. Twitter acquired Gnip, a startup that has worked closely with the service for years.That’s a sign that Twitter is taking its data business seriously. Meanwhile, Twitter’s Turkey headache isn’t likely to subside anytime soon.
  8. Weibo, widely known as “the Chinese Twitter,” went public on Thursday and Liz Gannes interviewed Weibo chairman and Sina CEO Charles Chao.
  9. Lauren Goode reviewed Refresh, an app that provides personal “dossiers” on all the people you’ve squeezed into your workday, sort of like a digital version of Tony Hale’s character in “Veep.” Cool or creepy?
  10. In San Francisco, community activists continue to protest about the tech industry’s impact on their city.

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