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Social Marketing Startup Spredfast Merges With Mass Relevance

And now two become one.

Social marketing startup Spredfast has merged with Mass Relevance, another social media startup based in Austin, Texas.

The Mass Relevance brand will go away, and the company, which now includes about 350 employees combined, will take the Spredfast name for all parts of the business.

Mass Relevance CEO Sam Decker will step out of that role and into a board seat for Spredfast, and will also serve as Executive Advisor for the new venture. Spredfast’s Rod Favaron will continue as the CEO leading the two merged companies.

I won’t hold it against you if you haven’t heard of either startup. Spredfast mostly sells social media management and business intelligence services to enterprise marketing departments. And Mass Relevance also works with brands to sift through social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, surfacing relevant posts and, in some cases, showing those posts off in a pretty format that works on TV and other screens.

So in the logic of the merger, ideally a brand can come to Spredfast as a one-stop shop for social management, marketing and creative campaigns on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, while also gathering intel on how those campaigns have performed.

It’s a lot like the kinds of companies involved in Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developers program, only it’s not limited to Facebook. (And in fact, Spredfast is a PMD partner of Facebook’s.)

No one will be laid off as a result of the merger, Spredfast said, and the company plans to hire one hundred more employees in the coming year. To date, Spredfast has raised about $60 million, while Mass Relevance had raised about $5.5 million.

Other financial terms of the merger were not disclosed.

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