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Twitter Taps Google Maps Director Daniel Graf for Product VP Role

A new VP for the company.

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Twitter announced Tuesday it had named Daniel Graf as its new vice president of consumer product.

Graf most recently comes from Google, where he led efforts on the company’s Google Maps project since 2012. Most notably, Graf was responsible for bringing Google Maps to the iPhone after Apple introduced its competing maps product.

Graf comes in months after the departure of Michael Sippey, who led Twitter’s consumer product for the better part of two years before leaving the company in January.

Over the past four years, Twitter has struggled to create a cohesive consumer product strategy, according to people familiar with the matter, and has had issues in making significant changes to the company’s core mobile and Web products. This was in part due to management issues, as well as indecision and a lack of clear direction for Twitter’s consumer products.

To be fair, Twitter has seen an uptick in introducing new features recently, having pushed out a more refined photos and profile experience just last week. And the company has developed a new framework in which to test potential additions to its products, using Android users as a sort of beta testing ground.

The addition of a vice president of product from the outside, however, could help Twitter refocus its efforts in shipping new features, as well as refining its existing apps and website.

Graf will work in step with newly named VP of Product Engineering Jeremy Gordon.

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