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Twitter Exec Says It's Almost a "Mobile Only" Company These Days

Alex Roetter, on how mobile went from being the job of a small team to everyone's responsibility.

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With only 140 characters in its core product, it would make sense that mobile would be at the heart of what Twitter does.

For a long time, though, a small team was responsible for all of the company’s mobile apps.

“That’s a great way to start, but as you imagine, it doesn’t scale,” VP Alex Roetter said Tuesday, speaking at the VentureBeat Mobile Summit.

These days, the company said it just tries to hire great engineers and encourage them to think about mobile as a computer with a small screen. “The whole company should be able to write mobile code.”

In fact, Roetter said Twitter is “almost a mobile-only company.”

“That’s where everyone is spending their time,” Roetter said.

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