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Jimmy Fallon Is Huge on YouTube, Jimmy Fallon Tells YouTube

So here's how Fallon -- and everyone he works with -- celebrates.

Jimmy Fallon takes his YouTube strategy so seriously that he makes YouTube videos about his YouTube strategy:

It seems obvious in 2014, but having a YouTube/viral video strategy is now mandatory for anyone doing TV comedy. Even if, like Jimmy Kimmel, you don’t want to say you have a YouTube/viral video strategy.

One big exception to this to date has been David Letterman, who hasn’t evinced much interest in the Internet. CBS seems fine with that, too.

Letterman’s successor, Stephen Colbert, however, has been an important Web player for years — the stuff he and Jon Stewart made on a daily basis for Comedy Central works perfectly chopped up into byte-sized pieces. Which is one of the reasons Hulu was willing to pay really big money to get them on board.

Hard to imagine he won’t think hard about the way to use the Web when he moves into his new seat next year.

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