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This Is Twitter HQ's Hipster Indoor Log Cabin

Talk about "nesting."

Tyler Olson/Shutterstock

What’s cooler than working for a hot tech company in downtown San Francisco?

Working inside of a log cabin in downtown San Francisco.

No, really. As of Monday morning, Twitter’s urban HQ now sports a pair of log cabin workspaces for employees, fashioned from the wood of two century-old Montana cabins. (No flannel required for entering.)

It’s part of two new floors the company just added to its 1355 Market Street headquarters, bringing the total number of Twitter-owned floors in the building up to seven. Aside from the throwback cabins, the floors host another cafeteria and eating space, along with lots of artwork on the walls from local San Francisco artists.

Now, for the hipster vibe to be truly complete, all Twitter needs is for Dick Costolo to start sporting a beard.

Update 10:51 am PT: As Whisper Editor in Chief Neetzan Zimmerman just pointed out to me, the debut of the cabins comes on the same day Abraham Lincoln (who lived in a log cabin) was shot, 149 years ago. You just can’t make this stuff up.

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