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Re/wind: Apple-Samsung Reignites, Companies React to Heartbleed, Reddit Gets Serious

The week in review, Re/code style.

Ina Fried

In case you missed anything, here’s a quick roundup of some of the news that powered Re/code this week.

  1. We began the week with Liz Gannes looking back at the six juiciest documents from the Apple-Samsung trial. Ina Fried explained how lawyers for both companies are battling over how much the patents at issue in the case are worth, with an Apple damages expert claiming that the company is due $2.19 billion from Samsung.
  2. This week, researchers exposed a major security vulnerability in protections used by most of the Web’s servers, calling the bug “Heartbleed.” Arik Hesseldahl broke down how different companies responded to the problem, and at first it seemed that the worst-case scenario was not possible; however, it is. Mike Isaac had the story on Apple’s response to Heartbleed, and he detailed which services fixed the patch and what sites need a password change. Walt Mossberg outlined steps you can take to ensure that you remain protected from the Heartbleed bug.
  3. Walt also reviewed Samsung’s new Galaxy S5, which is somehow most impressive when wet.
  4. We know that Google Glass has its share of detractors, but Liz Gannes looked at one app that could be potentially life-saving.
  5. Speaking of wearable technology, James Temple checked out SRI’s “SuperFlex” prototype, which is basically a wearable robot that makes soldiers better, stronger, faster. And yes, there’s video.
  6. HBO’s online streaming service HBO GO didn’t, well, go on Sunday night when viewers tried to show up for “Game of Thrones.” And it wasn’t the first time.
  7. Reddit, the self-proclaimed “front page of the Internet,” is getting serious about revenue, and Mike Isaac spoke with Reddit execs Ellen Pao and Jena Donlin about the business side of the site.
  8. Just in time for a “Mad Men” binge-watching session, reviewer Bonnie Cha gave tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Netflix, including setting up user profiles and syncing the service with a remote control.
  9. In order to make its service more accessible to consumers, Twitter is taking cues from Facebook, reported Mike Isaac. The site is planning on revamping user profiles and a new notifications system, innovations that appear similar in style and function to the Timeline redesign Facebook underwent three years ago.
  10. The question of where payments company Square is headed has dominated the chatter in industry circles. The most-asked question, of course, is whether Square is for sale or not. And that answer depends on what you mean by “for sale.” Jason Del Rey explored what might be next.

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