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Ezra Klein talks about Vox to New York Magazine

Jamie Squire

New York Magazine's Joe Coscarelli interviewed Ezra Klein about the philosophy behind Vox. Here Ezra explains that it's good for journalists to write pieces about what time the Super Bowl is on because many people would like to know what time the Super Bowl is on, so someone should create a resource that tells them:

Is there an SEO play involved here? The web seems to have moved away from the Huffington Post "What time is the Super Bowl?" stuff in favor of social and sharing ...

People always bring up that Huffington Post article. What I think is missed in that discussion is that that article is super useful. Every year I need to know when the Super Bowl is. I always forget. I often find that article. It tells me exactly what time the Super Bowl is.

Sometimes I think in the media there can be a weird condescension toward the idea of providing people simple useful info they need in a simple format.We shouldn't be laughing at the idea that Huffington Post managed to provide a service that people all over the internet needed provided. That's something to learn from.

Read the whole thing here.