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Apple Wraps Up Its Case in First Part of Latest Samsung Trial

Samsung is slated to begin its case, calling several Google employees who work on the Android operating system.

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Apple completed its initial case against Samsung in the latest patent trial on Friday, with its damages expert finishing his argument as to why the company is due more than $2 billion in damages for infringement of five patents.

Economist Chris Vellturo also underwent more than an hour of cross-examination from Samsung lawyer John Quinn, who sought to poke holes in both his methodology and conclusions.

Quinn argued that Apple and Samsung documents shown in the case suggest that a broad array of factors — not Apple’s patented features — accounted for Samsung’s rise in market share during the time period at issue.

Quinn also noted that Vellturo’s estimates relied on Apple’s other damages expert, John Hauser, who valued Apple’s patented features through a user survey. He said jurors should discount Vellturo’s estimates if they disagree with Hauser’s methods or findings.

Next up, Samsung will begin its case. The Korean electronics giant is arguing that the five Apple patents in question are not infringed by its phones and tablet and also that the patents should not have been granted in the first place.

Samsung also argues that if Apple is due any damages, they are far less than the amount Apple is seeking, which it has called a “gross exaggeration.”

Among Samsung’s first scheduled witnesses are several Google employees who work on Android. First of those is Hiroshi Lockheimer, a top executive in the Android unit.

Samsung has also countersued Apple, alleging infringement of two patents. Both sides have yet to present their cases on that matter.

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