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@Biz Blows Up the @ColbertReport


Screenshot/The Colbert Report

What do you do when you’re a TV star taking flak from the masses for an out-of-context tweet?

You blow up your Twitter account.

That’s exactly what Stephen Colbert invited Twitter co-founder Biz Stone to do on the air last night, nixing his program’s official @ColbertReport handle after a tweet incensed thousands in Asian communities. (The tweet in question was satirical, as is all of Colbert’s work on the show, yet certainly offensive when taken out of the context of “The Colbert Report.”)

It’s cute, and a literal response to the hashtag #CancelColbert that has been trending since Thursday. Fans will have to follow @StephenAtHome for updates on Colbert’s high jinks in the future.

No word on whether the tongue-in-cheek response has gone over well with the offended protesters, though.

Check out the clip below.

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