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Uber Hires Dropbox Mobile Head Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen

He's the mobile business development guy who helped broker important partnership deals for Dropbox.

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Uber has snatched up Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen, the Dropbox executive closely involved with the company’s fruitful distribution partnerships with Samsung and HTC.

Fjeldsoe-Nielsen had been at Dropbox more than three years. He had mobile business development roles at companies including Skyhook Wireless and 3jam for as long as there has been such a thing as mobile business development.

The deals he worked on to bundle the Dropbox app and free storage along with new Android phones have been huge for Dropbox’s growth, and also helped the partnering mobile handset makers sell more phones.

At Uber, Fjeldsoe-Nielsen starts on Monday as VP of mobile partnerships, reporting to Chief Business Officer Emil Michael.

“We’re excited to welcome Lars, one of the best mobile dealmakers and innovators in the industry, to the Uber team,” Michael said.

“Lars was instrumental in developing our mobile partnership strategy, and driving our relationships with Samsung and HTC. We wish him all the best at Uber,” said Dropbox VP of Business Sujay Jaswa.

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