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AT&T Cuts Cost for Some Single-Line and Two-Line Plans

AT&T joins the mobile price wars.


After cutting the cost of some family plans earlier this year, AT&T is providing lower-price options for customers with just one or two cellphone lines.

AT&T said Saturday it will now offer customers with one or two lines the option of a two gigabyte shared data plan, starting with one line for $65 per month. That’s $15 less than the current price.

The reduction applies to AT&T’s Mobile Share Value plans — no-contract plans for which customers either pay full price for a phone or bring their own device.

It’s the latest in a series of pricing moves that have been occurring since last year, when T-Mobile moved away from contracts and device subsidies. T-Mobile on Friday said it was doubling the amount of data included in its basic plans. Verizon cut some plan costs in February. And Sprint introduced a series of lower cost “Framily” plans in January.

AT&T recently added unlimited international messaging to its mobile share plans. With this latest pricing move, it is also adding 50GB of cloud-based storage.

For a limited time, AT&T also said it will give customers $100 credit for each new line of service, including smartphones, basic phones, tablets and hotspots.

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