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Art Startup Daylight Aims to Link Fine Art With Broader Audience

The site is designed for professional artists as well as those who want a new way to consume and create art.

Alejandro Cartagena

While the Web seems like a natural method to connect more people to fine art, actually doing so is often harder than it seems.

Creating something that is either compelling or profitable for artists is hard, let alone doing something that is both.

“No one has successfully created a digital experience that comes close to replicating the physical experience we have in a museum or art gallery,” said Taj Forer, co-founder of, a new digital venture that aims to offer a forum for professional artists and those who want a new way to consume art and create expressions of their own.

Forer, who has operated art publisher Daylight Books, says will offer several means of interaction. One set-up, known as Editions, involves interactive Web pages featuring established and cutting-edge artists designed to bring their professional work to life.

Daylight also lets those who view the editions create their own works on a similar theme, with each theme also having a prize for the best contributed piece.

“In so doing, users enter into visual dialogue with the work of famous artists and one another, together building a community that sustains itself,” Forer said. “The social media piece of Daylight is central. We’re not interested in a one-way content stream where users simply ‘consume’ content.”

Submissions can take place on existing social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

Over time, Daylight wants to add e-commerce options where viewers can purchase affordably priced prints of the professional works on the site. The company also hopes to make money from partnerships with brands that would intermix with other content on the site.

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