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Jury Picked as Another Apple-Samsung Patent Trial Kicks Off in San Jose

With a jury picked, the real battle begins on Tuesday with opening arguments.

Ina Fried

After a long day of questioning, 10 jurors have been chosen to hear the latest patent infringement case between Apple and Samsung.

The six-woman, four-man jury includes a number of iPhone owners as well as several people with ties to the tech industry.

Those picked include a retired IBM software executive, a community service officer for the Los Gatos police department and a retired plumber.

Among the potential jurors who didn’t make the final panel were a man who has 1,000 shares of Apple stock, a woman who grew up in Cupertino with “an affinity” for Apple and a woman whose former employer once sued Samsung for intellectual property infringement. Also excused were a worker from Juniper Networks, which gets chips from Samsung, and a LinkedIn engineer who expressed negative feelings toward both parties, which he said have abused their patent positions.

Given all of the publicity around the first Apple-Samsung trial, as well as their global clashes, a remarkable number of potential jurors knew nothing or almost nothing about the dispute between the two tech giants.

For those who need a recap on the current skirmish, this is another federal patent suit in the same San Jose courtroom where the last trial took place. This one involves the same key players, but covers different patents and a newer generation of products. (Here’s our cheat sheet, too.)

Apple is seeking as much as $40 per Samsung phone found to infringe on its patents — a claim that could reach $2 billion — while Samsung is seeking only a couple million dollars in its countersuit.

While the trial officially started with Monday’s jury selection, things should begin in earnest on Tuesday with opening arguments from each side. Before opening arguments, the jury will be shown a video from the court — the same one that Samsung had earlier objected to.

Apple’s first scheduled witness is Phil Schiller, the company’s senior VP of marketing.

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