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Techs Fix Glitches Slowing on Deadline Day suffered several technical glitches on Monday as a surge of last-minute users rushed to sign up for health insurance on the final day of open enrollment for the year. After several hours of downtime this morning, a separate problem arose that prevented new users from signing up on the site. A Health and Human Services spokesman told NBC News that users already in the sign-up process weren’t affected and that technicians were at work on the problem. The agency didn’t immediately respond to an inquiry from Re/code.

Update: The issue has since been resolved and the site is currently operating well under unprecedented demand levels, according to an official with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, which oversees the site. More than 100,000 concurrent users were trying to access the site as of noon Eastern time, a record high.

Technicians identified and fixed the previous software bug, which affected the application and enrollment system, early this morning, as part of a regular maintenance routine conducted during off-peak hours.

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