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Longtime Windows and Office Executive Antoine Leblond Leaving Microsoft

Leblond was one of several Windows unit executives left without a clear role in last September's reorganization.


Antoine Leblond, one of several Windows unit executives sidelined in a reorganization last year, is leaving Microsoft.

Leblond will leave the company after Monday — his 9,000th day there.

“After almost 25 years, I’ve decided it’s time for me to go out and see what the non-Microsoft world has to offer,” Leblond said in an email to colleagues.

“Every single day I have had here has been amazing in its own way, and I will never look back on all of these years with anything but fondness, pride in what we’ve accomplished together, and a real appreciation for having been lucky enough to be part of so many awesome things,” Leblond said. “I am sad to leave all of you, but also incredibly excited for what comes next.”

Leblond spent his first 20 years in the Office unit, working much of that time with former Windows chief Steven Sinofsky. He moved to Windows when Sinofsky did, developing the cloud services and store for Windows 8.

Jon DeVaan and Grant George, two other longtime Microsoft executives left out of last September’s reorganization, left Microsoft last year.

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